The SnortCast

Welcome to my Live Interview Show!

Keeping it Snorting Real.

So here we go. ???
I’ve been stuck for ages how to share my story and the story of my amazing friends for a really long time. It wasn’t until I was on LinkedIn that I started singing Karaoke with Entrepreneurs that I had the confidence to host my own show and share stories. Fast forward to @SnortCastComedy where I hosted a cast of awesome comedians to share their laughter no matter what colour, culture or gender they were. Then Covid19 hit and I was screwed. Stuck in my little darkness but empowered by humanity I received a grant from City of Melbourne.

So I am excited to interview my first 4 comedians with Shiralee HoodKevin KropinyeriAnnie Louey and Samuel Gebreselassie for the next 2 weeks talking about why they got into comedy and how they use it to bring light. These first interviews are supported by City of Melbourne Covid19 Arts Grant.


“It is going to be real.

We are going to talk about deadly, deep, diverse issues that shape us as human beings.”


Follow the new page The Snort Cast and we cant wait to start laughing LIVE on Tuesday 7th of July. Live on Linkedin l Facebook and Youtube.
#TheSnortCast ?