Joy is my Caffeine.

“I love the Arts, because

the Arts saved my life.”

– Diana Nguyen

“What is your caffeine?

What drives you to have

pleasure in your life?”

Diana Nguyen

This is my first TedXTalk.

The process was frightening.

The presentation of thrilling, and

the reception has been “joyFool”.

I talk about how the arts became a part of my life at 7 years old, and how I have applied joy to my life every single day. From the first ballet lessons, to being an actor and comedian, and transforming myself on Linkedin as #DancingDiana, I realised my true purpose in life was to be a ray of sunshine, or a JoyFool.

And yes I did snort on stage. Count how many times I snorted??!

How can you be a joyFool in your life?

How can you sprinkle pleasure, enjoyment and laughter in your day, so you can tap into your inner child that used to investigate, be invigorated and be free?

What is your caffeine?

“I am dancing for my inner child,

that was so bloody free.”

Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen is an actor and comedian. In 2017 she created video content on Linkedin, and has grown her “joyFool” community to 34,000 dancers!

Diana’s #BeBrave presentation and confidence program is aimed at finding your comedy touch, your heart story and sharing it to the world.

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