The SnortCast

The SnortCast and Melbourne Fringe present

The SnortCast Variety Show!

We have comedians, actors and singers from Melbourne joining the show to perform their  diverse comedy talent. We can’t wait to have a snorting laugh with you.

Joining the show Shiralee Hood,  Annie Louey, Samuel Gebreselassie, Alice Tovey, Kwamena Brace and your host Diana Nguyen!

Starts Thursday 19th to 24th of November –

1pm/9pm shows alternating

produced by Diana Nguyen,

all creative artists from all spectrums of comedy, disability, race and gender.

We celebrate what comedy sounds and looks like.

The SnortCAST Lineup at StoryVille.

From 13th of February we are presenting every Thursday night at StoryVille –  a lineup of kick ass comedians and performers from Melbourne showcasing fine snorting performances.

StoryVille Melbourne at 830pm –

Book tickets for each show by clicking on the image.

MICF 2020 – Deadly and Diverse –

Every Sunday at 415pm –


After the success of Deadly and Diverse in November 2019, we are bringing it back for the Comedy Festival. Watch this space for the lineup updates.

Team  – Kevin Kropinyeri, Diana Nguyen. Annie Louey, Lizzy Ho, Gillian English, Andy Saunders and more.

Deadly and Diverse Comedy Night.

Deadly and Diverse Comedy Night

A night celebrating the roots of Australian comedy with our glorious indigenous performers from all over Australia.

Our first show on November 14th 2020 SOLD OUT featuring -Annie Louey, Lee Ton, Vidya Rayan, Kevin Kropinyeri and MC Diana Nguyen

A Snorting PODCAST is coming soon!

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