“Nguyen is a hoot who can sweep even the most blush-prone audience into her silliness.”

The Age

Going All In

Diana is back & GOING ALL IN!

After chasing Keanu Reeves and her flaps for 2 years, the snorter is sharing the all ins of life. This show is all about the silly, a whiff of musical & ALL about celebrating life!

The joyfool failures of being on fight & flight mode & where it leads her.

The show will be touring Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

“Diana Nguyen owns the show” ★★★★½ Herald Sun★★★★ Time Out

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Reviews & Media 

“If you’ve not had the pleasure of catching Vietnamese Australian powerhouse…energetically disarming hurricane of hilarity in full flow…”

Time Out – Top 12 MICF 2023 shows to see.

“I don’t think I could ever be that raw, let alone to an audience, so I’m in awe how Nguyen accomplishes this so openly, effortlessly, and unfiltered. She also sings and dances during her 50-minute show. I’m not sure what she eats or drinks to help her be so in tune, chipper, peppy, and vibrant every night. But whatever it is, I want what she’s having!” 5 stars 

Lilithia Reviews

“A trigger warning that there will be intergenerational trauma content washes up in the final lap, as the threads of family and the indomitable spirit of her Vietnamese mum, who came to Melbourne as a refugee, leave you beaming.”

The Age

“This charismatic performer has an expert command of crowd work, engaging her audience throughout and playing with them just the right amount.”

Theatre Travels

“At every opportunity, Nguyen pulls us into the show. If she’s ‘all in’, we’re right there with her.

Time Out Melbourne 

“Diana Nguyen on making peace with her mother”

Diana Nguyen ABC Radio – Conversations

Top 10 shows to see at Adelaide Fringe 2023

South Australia Tourism

10 funniest things on the internet – Diana Nguyen



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