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 “You’re bringing so much JOY into our lives with your amazing energy.

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#JustDoingKaraoke Linkedin Interviews

Since February 2018, I have interviewed LinkedIn Content creators from all over the world including, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and more.

Who will be the next singer?


Ahmad Imam

Anna Sabino

Annie Louey

Bobby Umar

Brian Schulman

Caroline Cares

Cory Warfield

Curt Mercadante

Doug Thompson

Georgina Playsted

Gillian Mulholland

Kerri Twigg

Kiki Makrogiannis

Kris Macc

Kristin Sherry

Jaime Cohen

Jake Melton

Judi Fox

Marty Vids

Michelle Pena

Noirin Mosley

Olivia Sol0mons

Patrick Ward

Richard Moore

Roger Wilkerson

Shelly Elsliger

String Nguyen

Tima Elhajj

William Hung

Zack Scriven

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