Keanu Reeves

“Nguyen’s charm is off the charts

and out of this world.”


Last scene on Fat Pizza (Channel 7), How to Stay Married (Channel 10) and The Project

In 2020/21,


Keanu Reeves.”

What are you chasing for?
Fame – Babies – Camino – Keanu Reeves?
For the past 35 years, Diana Nguyen has been chasing things that didn’t belong to her –friendships, fame, Keanu Reeves – and she always knew it was unhealthy. Fast forward to 2020 and she’s finally realised it’s about time she chased herself. And when she finally did, COVID-19 hit and cancelled the premiere of this show and the ultimate goal of finding Keanu Reeves!
Chasing Keanu Reeves is about loving being a fool and the myriad of ways to keep getting back up when you fall down.
This show will premier at Melbourne International Comedy Festival Festival Managed Venue in 2021 at the Greek Centre.


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Wednesday, Apr 14

Melbourne ⚑

European Bier Cafe

7:00 pm

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Saturday, Apr 17

Melbourne ⚑

Mantra on Russell

7:55 pm

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Thursday, May 13

Sydney ⚑

Enmore Theatre

6:50 pm

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Friday, May 14

Sydney ⚑

Enmore Theatre

6:50 pm

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Saturday, May 15

Sydney ⚑

Enmore Theatre

6:50 pm

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Since December 2020, we’ve been hosting SnortCast Comedy at Pb’s Pizza Bar in St Kilda. We are excited to bring you double comedy during MICF 2021 with two shows a week.

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Reviews & Media from “Naked” and “Dirty Diana.”

“Dirty Diana is… always funny and should be a ‘must see’ on your Comedy Festival list.”

– 4 Stars, BeMelbourne

“Good comedy does more than just make people laugh. Great comedy like this connects the audience with the performer, and also with one another. Even when the narrative isn’t entirely perfect, Dirty Diana makes you laugh, sometimes with a sense of helplessness because that which is so fucked up is also so true, sometimes your eyes are a little moist because the heart feels a gentle touch.”

– Peril Magazine

“Vietnamese-Australian comic Diana Nguyen is a vivacious and effervescent force.”

– Arts Hub

“Stripping herself back and becoming vulnerable, this heartfelt comedian has nothing to hide as she is beautifully funny – a truly lovely human being.”  

– The Australia Time 

8 days Editorial

– The Age

The Drawing Room with Maria Bamford

– ABC Radio

Dirty Diana Q&A

– The Herald Sun

Hot Pick

– The Music


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