Keanu Reeves

“…fun, celebratory, unapologetic and compelling show.”

– Time Out Melbourne

Last scene on Fat Pizza (Channel 7), How to Stay Married (Channel 10) and The Project

In 2020/21,


Keanu Reeves.”

What are you chasing for?
Fame – Babies – Camino – Keanu Reeves?
For the past 35 years, Diana Nguyen has been chasing things that didn’t belong to her –friendships, fame, Keanu Reeves – and she always knew it was unhealthy. Fast forward to 2020 and she’s finally realised it’s about time she chased herself. And when she finally did, COVID-19 hit and cancelled the premiere of this show and the ultimate goal of finding Keanu Reeves!
Chasing Keanu Reeves is about loving being a fool and the myriad of ways to keep getting back up when you fall down.
This show will premier at Melbourne International Comedy Festival Festival Managed Venue in 2021 at the Greek Centre.


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Reviews & Media from Chasing Keanu Reeves

“…fun, celebratory, unapologetic and compelling show.” 4 STARS

Time Out Melbourne

“’Nguyen is a seasoned performer; her confidence and effervescence are infectious…”

Arts Hub

“…ultimately a personal, engaging, and humorous performance.”

Squirrel Comedy

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