“Diana is a rockstar of the LinkedIn and social influencing/storytelling and is someone you should connect and work with!”

#TheLaunchOff Testimony

“To say Diana helped me Launch Off on LinkedIn successfully would be an understatement. Without her encouragement, belief in me, my message and her expertise in personal branding I would not have Launched on LinkedIn so well.”

#TheLaunchOff Testimony 

Why #TheLaunchOFF?

Because we all want to do a TEDTALK one day.


“I was on Linkedin for 10 years, and in October 2017 was introduced to Linkedin Video by String Nguyen. Consisting posting content and engagement, I have amassed a following of 23k followers, and over 800 videos since October 17′.

#TheLaunchOff is to help businesses and individuals launch off,  building your confidence in your presentations and meetings, and also on LINKEDIN.

#TheLaunchOff aim is also to help you become better presenters, and engage using your content, your own stories to build and celebrate your personal brand.”

#TheLaunchOff provides workshops, including packages to help you Launch Off your personal branding and business online.

Launch Off with a free 15 minute consultation with ME!

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“Her consistent feedback and availability allowed me to feel safe and assured that I was supported when first introducing myself to the world of LinkedIn. This resulted in 5000+ views on my first video – within 2 days!!”

#TheLaunchOff Testimony

#JustDoingKaraoke Linkedin Interviews

Since February 2018, I have interviewed LinkedIn Content creators from all over the world including, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

Who will be the next singer?

The 20k club!

You are a