“Funny, clever
& incredibly

-Australian Theatre


My mum wanted me to be a doctor, I became an actor.

My mum is now my biggest fan, and she wants to be an actor too. I am a writer, producer, director, theatre maker, guest speaker, drama facilitator, MC and performer.
I am a Linkedin video content creator with 32k followers. I am known as #DancingDiana, and I host #JustDoingKaraoke with over 100 interviews on Linkedin.

As co-creator and executive producer of #PhiandMeTV, the first ever Vietnamese Australian family comedy series released June 16th 2019. Watch all 5 episodes www.phiandme.tv.

I’ve appeared on The Project, ABC Q&A in 2012, Fox Footy and Friday Front Bar is guest panelist. Since going back to school in 2016, I now work creatively full time, and have toured all over Australia, Orange County/USA and Edinburgh/Scotland.
In my spare time I play basketball and I am learning to surf.

LinkedIn #BeBrave
Phi and Me TV

Catch Diana’s performance in 2020.

Comedy at StoryVille 2020
Every Thursday at 830pm from February 13th 2020.
TedTalkx Docklands - Speaker
Thursday 20th of February 2020
MICF 2020 - Chasing Keanu Reeves
March 26th - April 19th 2020
MICF 2020 - Deadly and Diverse Comedy Show
All Sundays of MICF at 415pm
Sydney Comedy Festival
Thursday 7th/Saturday 9th at 930pm and Sunday 10th 830pm

“diana nguyen’s
naked is a little
gem of a show”

-The Plus One